Lightly smoked San Simon cheese from Galicia is a smooth, rich cows milk cheese, an exquisite, high quality and healthy product. 

The isolation of Galician area has aided in the creation of very unique cheeses, due to a culture where cheese is taken very seriously. 

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Surrounded in the west and north by the Atlantic Ocean and mountains from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, Galicia has always been a remote region of Spain. This isolation fostered an ancient cheese culture. Here the Galicia cows graze on the lush green pastures and bear milk that its people have been making into cheese for generations.

The combination of artisan techniques and unbeatable natural ingredients, ensure San Simón da Costa cheeses are known both within Galicia and outside our region as a product of the highest quality.

The herds of Galician cows (Rubia, Gallega, Pardo-Alpina and Frisona cow breeds) graze on the lush, green grass and provide their milk to the people of the area.

Taste Notes:

San Simon has a delicious, creamy buttery texture with a slightly smoky flavour. The cheese has a thin chestnut-orange rind, a soft inside and is mild but full of flavour. San Simon is pear shaped and looks similar to a large Hershey’s kiss, leaving the mould. It has a conical shape. The paste is a straw coloured and while it is a semi soft cheese, it melts on your tongue in the most fantastic way while the smoky aroma activates your palate with a smoky after taste that ranges from mild to piquant.



The San Simon will pair wonderfully with Spanish white wines (especially from the region of Galicia like Albariño), cava and cider.

It can be accompanied by a good red wine or an Albariño (Galician white wine).

It can be eaten as an aperitif or as a dessert with fig or date cake.

Store in the fridge after opening.

See makers instructions for use by date.

Nutritional facts100 g
Energy 1780 kJ/429 Kcal

of which:
- saturates



of which:
- sugars


Protein 23.7g
Salt 0.2g


Pasteurized cow MILK, cheese cultures, calcium chloride, lisozyme from EGG, animal rennet and salt. Exclusiverly on rind: Covered with a polymeric layer of transparent polivynile, preservative E202 (potassium sorbate) and E235 Natamycin.

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