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    Wonderful fresh mixed milk cheese, slightly sour in taste. An excellent table cheese, which already inspired Don Quijote!

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    Raw milk cheese with personality! Intensive in taste and aroma. For demanding and experienced palates. 1 kg

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  • 21,80 €

    Ibores is a semifirm goat’s milk cheese rubbed with paprika, making for a stunning contrast with its ivory interior. Walking the fine line between moist and dry, Ibores has a unique texture for a raw goat’s milk cheese.  1 KG

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  • 4,80 €

    Cabrales, a blue cheese made of sheep’s milk is aged in caves overlooking the Cantabrian Sea in northern Spain. It is absolutely artisan and natural - a cheese with no artificially introduced mold, as is the case for Bleu and Roquefort cheese.  Made with this blue cheese spread is an elegant appetizer - full of sharp Cabrales flavor with a suave creamy...

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  • 4,40 €

    Valdeón cheese cream made with cheese from Valdeón, beaten until a cream is obtained. Suitable for meals, tapas. Suitable spreadable texture. 200 g

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  • 25,60 €

    Semi soft farm cheese from the Mediterranean mountains of Catalonia. Made from pasteurized goat's milk, it has a natural blue-greyish mold rind, due to the extremely humid climate of the area where it is produced. The texture is buttery and creamy and its soft paste is of an intense white. It has a unique mild and long lasting taste, slightly sweet and...

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  • 16,90 €

    Cabrales is a delicious blue raw cow´s milk based cheese, the strongest taste in Spanish cheeses (blended with goat and sheep milk), similar in production to Roquefort, and made in Asturias.  Cabrales is considered to be one of the best blue cheeses in the world, alongside Gorgonzola and the aforementioned Roquefort.  From Picos de Europa, mountains of...

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  • 48,00 €

    Unique taste due to the elaboration process involving a mixture of three different milks. Hard rind with an embossed basket pattern. Is made following a unique recipe which mixes cow, sheep and goat milk. The proportion of the different kinds of milk was defined by the expertise of our master cheese makers resulting excellent. 3KG

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  • 53,50 €

    Monte Enebro is a handmade soft-ripened goat cheese, essential to the flavour, the mould imparts a unique peppercorn-like spiciness, further accentuated by its distinct sharpness. From Avila, middle age city in Spain. 1,5 KG

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  • 94,50 €

    Valdeón is a blue cheese, known as the Asturian Roquefort, as it is said that this French cheese was the inspiration for its maker in 1986.   It is without doubt of gourmet quality. 2.8 kg

    94,50 €
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items