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Paella set Octopus Paella with Rice


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Kit for cooking a Octopus Paella with Rice. Tasty for your palate, good for your health.  Contains rice, broth, sauce, vegetables and squid.

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100% natural

Enjoy the Mediterranean diet with a healthy food dish with high nutritional value.
You can store it in your pantry at room temperatura (no chilled no frozen).
You can cook it in a frying pan and also in microwave.


Packet of rice: 200 g Can 425 g: 
• Sauce: (Fish broth, 10% olive oil, tomato, onion, spices, ink and salt) 50%
• Squid: 35%
• (Carrots, peas and peppers) 15%

How to cook ?

1.Put the contents of the can into a frying pan about 26 cm diameter
2. Using the empty can as a measure, add 1 can filled with water
3. Add 200 g of plain rice. Stir together for a minute and bring to boil on high heat for about 10 minutes
4. Reduce to médium heat and let it simmer for another 10 minutes until rice is tender and water is absorbed. You may add some more water if necessary

How long does it take me to cook a paella?

All the paella recipes are dishes that require a long preparation time, as it is necessary to cook a fish broth, to prepare a frying sauce, to chop all the ingredients ... before actually cooking the paella.
We previously cook and pack, making the work in advance for you, and you finish your dish in just 18-20 minutes. It is practical, simple and fast. Hardly any stain, you save time when cooking and cleaning the kitchen afterwards.

Do I have to add salt when cooking the paella?

No. Our assortments for paella already contain the necessary quantity of salt. Once the rice and water are added, the final cooked dish stays in its proper point of salt

Can I add more ingredients to the assortments for paella?

Our assortments for paella contain seafood and vegetables so you can cook a complete meal just adding the rice and water
You can enrich the way you want, by adding some shrimps, mushrooms, artichokes ... and cooking together with the rest of ingredients

To give a more elaborate finish, you can decorate with some piquillo peppers, cheese layers or fresh aromatic herbs

Can I cook the assortments for paella in the microwave?

Our assortments for paella are traditionally cooked in a paella pan. You can also cook them in microwave if you find it easier

Nutrition facts per 100 g of cooked paella:

Energy value: 133 kcal / 556 kj 
Proteins: 5 g 
Carbohydrate: 19 g
of which, sugars: 0 g 
Fat: 4,5 g
of which, saturates: 1,12 g
Salt: 0,9 g

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