PALETA IBERIA. Iberian field fed front leg ham

A top quality product produced from the front leg of the Iberian pig which is well known for it flavour and moistness. The Iberian pigs are raised free range.

APROX. 5 Kg.

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The Iberian field fed front leg ham is known for its incomparable flavour and moistness.

It has a long form with a narrow bone with streaks of fat running through the red meat. The texture of the fat is fluid with an intense flavour without being overly salty. In our fore leg ham the black hoof shows the typical wear of the Iberian acorn fed pig and the characteristic narrow ankle.

It is traditionally produced, from the choice of the best Iberian pigs to the drying process,  where they attain all the characteristics that make it one of the most prized Spanish gastronomic products.

The Iberian pigs forage freely and their diet is complemented with natural feed under our control. The daily physical exercise needed to feed themselves means that these animals have just the right amount of fat in their meat, which gives our Iberian hams an exquisite flavour.


There is no need for refrigeration or any special storage conditions. Once the ham has been cut it should be consumed within 6 weeks. It is advisable to cover it in its own fat and the cloth it is supplied with to ensure that it does not lose any of its aroma or dry out too much. 

Nutritional facts100 g
Energy 1394 Kj / 333 Kcal

of which:
- saturates

22,2 g

6,5 g

of which:
- sugars

0,5 g

0,5 g
Protein 33,2 g
Salt 1,9 g


Iberian pork, salt, preservatives: sodium nitrite and potassium nitrate.

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