CABRALES D.O. P. (raw milk)


Cabrales is a delicious blue raw cow´s milk based cheese, the strongest taste in Spanish cheeses (blended with goat and sheep milk), similar in production to Roquefort, and made in Asturias.  Cabrales is considered to be one of the best blue cheeses in the world, alongside Gorgonzola and the aforementioned Roquefort. 

From Picos de Europa, mountains of the north of Spain.

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Cabrales is a natural cheese made in the artisan tradition by rural family dairy farmers in the county of Cabrales, in the heart of the Picos de Europa mountain range in Spain.

Cabrales P.D.O. is matured four months in natural limestone caves with high humidity, favouring the development of penicillium molds, yielding veins of blue-greenish color.

Cabrales is compact but crumbly with a unique, long lasting, developed and piquant taste for lovers of strong cheeses. Its aroma is also strong, typical of matured blue cheese.


Wine pairings: Red crianza or reserva

It can be eaten as an aperitif or as a dessert with fig or date cake (see our products)

Store in the fridge and it should be removed about 30 minutes before serving for better flavour and texture.

See makers instructions for use by date.

Nutritional facts100 g
Energy 1712 kJ/409 kcal

of which:
- saturates



of which:
- sugars


Protein 25g
Salt 0,9g


Cow, goat and sheep raw MILK, Cheese Cultures, Animal rennet, Salt

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