Cien y Pico EN VASO! 2012


Cien y Pico is our call to arms, meaning [Hundred & Something] in La Mancha, the southern Castilian meseta between Madrid & the Mediterranean. Gallant Don Quixote’s land. A dry plateau high above sea level, surrounded by mountains that protect old vines & windmills from icy winters that turn directly into hot summers.

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Here our ancient plantings of Bobal survive & thrive between rocky outcrops that cover our vineyards in the
organically poor but limestone rich Miocene era sedimentary red sand & clay. These gnarled, thick trunked,
old [Hundred & Something] bush vines grown on their own roots, rely on minimal rainfall to yield their small,
intense crops.
Our single vineyard tilt, ¡ En Vaso …! [low vine] is the quixotic quest of Cien y Pico is to protect & honour our
19th Century vineyards and allow, if you will, four Winemakers-errant, to fight foes in the battle for vineyards
of biodiversity, terroir & heraldry.
Vintage and Variety Note:
For our two Bobal wines ie our¡ En Vaso …! [Low Vine…!] and our ¿Winemaker’s-gallant ?, both made from the
heirloom variety Bobal.
All Cien y Pico wines are about the taste of our old vine vineyards, hence our name. All that our vignerons want
is to be able to taste ‘his’ vines in ‘our’ wine. As Winemakers-errant, all we want to do is to make great wine,
the very best young wine from the oldest vines we can find.
Although we have all worked in the region for many vintages, and in Luis’ case for almost 30 years, Cien y
Pico’s first release of Bobal, the 2011 vintage, was very special. In this year the hundred-plus-year-old vines
surrounding Manchuela turned out to be not only picture perfect but vine perfect as well. a year of “privileged
purity of the grape”. To taste and drink the two 2011 Cien y Pico Bobal wines was and still is like eating fresh
picked fruit off the vine during harvest with just a little winemaking. This is what makes these old vines and
Manchuela so special.
Cien y Pico aspires to all that is The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha any attempt to describe
our wines is somewhat Quixotic, tilting at the windmills of wine writing, marketing and sales is fate that we
do not wish to befell would be Winemaker’s-gallant nee Winemaker’s-errant. This noble & famous bobal
is grown & vinified traditionally with just a little unforced winemaking diversion, ie a little newer French oak,
adventure & reckless curiosity which recounts the fierce & uncommon battle for En Vaso vineyards and
wines of biodiversity & terroir. To smell is to see and to taste it is to know
¡ En Vaso …! [Low Vine…!] Bobal Manchuela España Tasting Note:
Colour: Opaque. An intense royal purple inkwell of colour.
Nose: The nose is almost overwhelming very vibrant and three dimensional, super fruity as well as chocolaty
and earthy all at the same time. Quite a wonderful rustic, non-oak derived, pure fruit set of aromas. Black
sesame seeds on a fresh bagel and ripening blackberries and dominate with some blackcurrant and cinnamon
spice, with lots of other red fruit-sy smells, a summer pudding full, with warming high cocoa and mulberry
aromas, as pure old vine Bobal should be.
Palate: A sweet and soft but at the same time savoury start to the pallet then a tannin that kicks in at the end of the mouth not 2/3rds of the way. Stylistically this Cien y Pico En Vaso [Meaning Low vine or bush vine])
Bobal from on 100 year old vines is the bridge between an expression of reds fruits mainly but also has a
serious undertone of black fruits. Really a most profound wine, that just rolls on and on in the mouth once
swallowed. It has an uplifting fresh fruit finish.
Drink With Note; We recommend the following to drink, in Stems-ware of course, with a copy of Miguel De
Cervantes’s; The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha especially Vintage Classics 2003 translation
by Edith Grossman (ISBN 9780099469698) and your own Sancho Panza and Lady Dulcinea.
Also [and this is not the beginning of a joke] but Cien y Pico’s four Winemakers-errant, an Australian,
Bulgarian, Italian and Spaniard recommend the following matches for both Cien y Pico Bobals - . ¡ En Vaso…! &
¿ Winemaker’s-gallant ?
Elena Brooks our Bulgarian Winemaker says Cien y Pico is best drunk with Sudjuk A Bulgarian dried spicy
sausage beef, pork and cumin, garlic, red pepper & summer savoury Sausage, flattened between books
before curing [i.e. with any typical local Bulgarian sausage].
Luis Garcia our Spanish Winemaker-errant says Cien y Pico is best drunk with his regions very own Chorizo La
Mancheula; Longaniza Ahumada! [I.e. with any typical local Spanish sausage] .
Nicola Tucci our Italian Winemaker-errant says Cien y Pico is best drunk with anything and Soppressata di
Basilicata a coarse pork salami with a little hot pepper. [I.e. with any typical local Italian sausage].
Zar Brooks our Australian Winemaker-errant says this wine is best drunk with a slightly burnt BBQ Sausage
Sizzle sandwich [i.e. with any typical local Australian sausage.

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